Limton Village is a settlement east of the City of Crystal Port, approximately 2 days travel by carriage. It is a fairly new village, only being settled by pioneering humans. Most of the buildings are constructed of the large conifers and deciduous trees found in the heavily forested hills that surround the village. The road to the village is nothing more than a trail of hardened dirt through the trees, winding up and down and crossing most streams and rivers at shallow rocky areas rather than by any real bridges.

The settlement consists of a wooden chapel built for the gods of the Kingdom, a successful tavern and hotel, and a general store selling all types of basic survival gear, such as provisions, clothing and building supplies. There is also a community hall, where the townsfolk gather to discuss matters concerning the village as a whole. The main road ends in the middle of town, in a circular meeting area surrounded by the main buildings and some houses. There are small clusters of houses just outside of the town circle, housing the population of ~70 farmers, woodsmen and hunters. After the town was attacked by a necromancer and the raised dead of those who had died in the village, a palisade was constructed to surround the village, with small guard posts situated around it on the inside to keep any future attacks out.

Those originally seeking to further the exploration into the uncharted eastern region of the Kingdom started the village, about 5 years ago.
From a farmer’s field outside of the walls, one looking east can see the first ridges of the eastern mountains above the hills of the forest. The explorers and their families found that the land in the massive forest was suitable for habitation and decided to build a permanent settlement, which was originally planned to be a base for future exploration into the land beyond the mountains.

Very recently, Limton was attacked by a necromancer using the dead of the village to supply his army and his ‘research’. He was stopped by the player characters in Chapter 1



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