The Power of Suffering

Chapter 1: First Blood

Chapter 1

The beginning of the story…the story that changes Hormah forever, begins with a Druid. This druid had just begun her journey as a protector of the woods near the new human village of Limton. Just getting used to her new life, she decides to take a look at the human settlement for herself. As she nears the large clearing where the village and its surrounding farms are located, she feels a very strange…unnatural presence just outside the edge of the forest.
She spots a human standing alone at dusk…but it’s not a living human…the zombie turns and begins to moan as it approaches her.
The druid, named Kiriai, destroys the abomination and takes to the village to warn the inhabitants. After meeting the owner of the tavern, she learns that recently everything that dies in the village, human and animal, returns some time later as an undead and attacks the townsfolk. That night, she helps ward off another attack(though not before accidentally wounding one of the defenders herself).
Kiriai meets up with a fighter named Arban, who was drawn to the village from Castle Arnon upon hearing of this disturbance. They team up, and with some information gleaned from a couple wolves they set off into the forest. They battle another wave of zombies and Arban is critically wounded and has to be brought back to town to heal. The town decides to begin constructing a palisade to defend against any further attacks.
When Arban is ready, they set out once again, this time finding a large pit in the ground filled with mist and a small cabin containing a secret room with the remains of a necromancy laboratory.
While those two are gone, another adventurer, a rogue named Persi, finds her way to the village looking for adventure. She is greeted along the road by a small child who had lost his father. Upon finding the father in a cave with some rangers, she reunites the two and aids the rangers (who were banished from the village for wanting to use a villager as bait to draw the zombies) by getting information on the current situation from the townsfolk. She learns that there are already two adventurers in the woods trying to stop the outbreak. Before heading out, she meets yet another ranger, Klaudia, who wants to accompany her.
The two set off in the direction of the first two, and arrive at the necromancer’s hut just as Arban and Kiriai are attacked by the necromancer, his undead and the two wolves who gave them directions so they could become the bait in this trap.
The four adventurers suddenly become a team and take down the necromancer and his summons, saving the village, and its dead, from this perpetual horror.
They return to a hero’s welcome, and a needed rest.
The four decide to travel together and search out treasures and set out back towards Tordnot Village for their next adventure.
(Sorry if any of these events are incorrect as this session occurred quite a while ago.)


I realize now that in our session, Klaudia (I think) was not present during this chapter, and that she wa met afterwards in Creekshore. I’m wondering if you guys (the players) think it’ll fly to have the ‘official’ story go go this way. It’d make our meeting Klaudia more significant.

Chapter 1: First Blood

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